Providing Machinery to the Food Additive Industry

Side Panel Labeling System with infeed orientation and pivoting round product application device.

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Providing Machinery to the Toy & Novelty Industry

Custom 4-Panel Labeling System with swing tamp labeling head

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Providing Machinery to the Ready To Serve Food Industry

Tapered Wrap Labeling System

Providing Machinery to the Automotive Industry

Top Panel Tamp Apply Labeling System with stop gate assemblies

Providing Machinery to the Beverage Industry

Mini Wrap Beverage Labeling System

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Providing Machinery to the Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Industry

Top Panel Print & Apply Labeling System with indexing conveyor

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Let us label you a success

Re-Pack, Inc. is a corporation focused on the design and manufacturing of labeling equipment. All of our machinery is:

  • Simple to Operate
  • Flexible to allow for integration with other equipment and systems.
  • Priced to allow our customers a rapid return on investment.

Our intent is to form long-term partnerships with “like minded” groups that will create mutually beneficial relationships for all parties involved.Through customer satisfaction and word of mouth, Re-Pack has flourished, and continues to grow.