Dual Unwind Splicing / Feeding System

DualUnwind_ProductinfoThis device is used in conjunction with a label applicator or labeling system.  At high application rates, the label supply is often a problem.  The dual powered unwind provides a continuous supply of labels and eliminates down time due to roll changes.  This stand-alone unit works in the following fashion: Two (2) rolls of labels are placed on the 20″ supply reels.  The top roll of labels is threaded over the splicing table and through the drive roller assembly.  The label web is then placed into the surge bin and onto the label applicator.  Once a low level is detected on the primary supply reel, an alarm will be triggered and the surge bin will be filled with labels.  At this point, the second roll of labels will be brought to the splicing area and spliced to the end of the primary label roll.

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Dual Unwind shown with RW-20 Remote Rewind Station

Our dual unwind station is an excellent way of delivering a continuous supply of labels to the applicator. You then are left with the problem of removing a continuous supply of waste paper away from the labeler. This is where our RW20 Remote Rewind Station comes in handy. The RW20 integrates well with our unwind station as well as many other types of feeding equipment. The torque sensitive rewind hub and versatile mounting platform make it simple to install and operate.






This month’s application is of a complete system integration. This customer originally came to us and asked if we could replace one of their screen printing stations with a label applicator. The project worked out so well, the customer asked us to install several more applicators. As production rates increased, it became difficult for the operator to keep up with label roll changes. We provided a complete system solution to include the following:

·        #1 Label applicator with integrated support mount.
·        #2 Turn bar assembly to allow for label feeding and label waste removal.
·        #3 Continuous dual unwind feeding / splicing station for zero down town.
·        #4 Remotely powered rewind station for continuous removal of spent label liner.

OmsoSystem Berry Installation

The system was manufactured and tested in our facility.  We then shipped it to the customer in sub assembly kit form.  This allowed us to install, integrate, test, and train all in the same day.  Within four hours of our service tech’s arrival the customer was in full production.